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Play and Iceland!

  • Iceland - A Child-like Country

    Iceland is in many ways a unique place. It is a fairly big island in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean with its own language and the population of a small city in the UK. Iceland is probably most famous for its natural resources and unusual landscape but there is something about Iceland that makes it even more special. It’s a child-like country that celebrates children’s independence and it is one of the safest places on earth to grow up in. Free range!

  • How Does Stress Affect Learning

    If learning had an enemy, it would be stress. When we get stressed our brain gets into defensive mode and fights off all information that is not vital for our survival. It’s not logical in the modern world where our main stress inducers are crowded schedules and loud public spaces. But in that situation the brain relies on its original evolution and only reacts to stimuli, thus failing to reflect, wonder and store new knowledge.

  • Laufskálar Nursery

    Vala Björk Gunnarsdóttir is an early years teacher and room leader in Laufskálar Nursery in Reykjavik, Iceland. She has 23 children in her class and they are all about to turn four. She also takes part in daily operationsand planning for the whole year with the other managers in the nursery.

  • Marching to the Beat of my Own Unique Drum

    Elizabeth Nunberg is an energetic, open and inspiring American girl from the Midwest. With two young children and an Icelandic husband she decided to move to Iceland for a 3-5 year adventure. That was 13 years ago and she might be about to become Icelandic!

  • What's New: Imynda

    Imynda came to life after our collaboration with Naturally Learning . They have been developing a creative dance program for some time now mixing together outstanding practise, dance and storytelling to support practitioners in introducing more movement and creativity to the youngest children.

About Fafu

We Take Play Seriously!

Fafu makes open ended play resources designed to support early brain development. We believe in fairies, good design, quality, and value for money. We are very committed to Fair Trade and use natural materials to ensure product endurance and safety for children.

We may appear to be only a bunch of quirky play things - a bit unusual, interesting and maybe even beautiful - but we work really hard on making products that inspire children to find their own stories and ideas rather than following ours. We want the products to have endless possibilities and not have an obvious purpose so that the child will feel a bit puzzled and inspired to create and collaborate with other children.

Fafu is designed to be fun. We work with a design philosophy that demands open ended products that can adapt to play as it evolves. We use shapes, textures, colours and simplicity to achieve that.

What People Have Said About Fafu

  • One of the best resources I have ever introduced to my nursery class, it is so open ended, it can be anything they want it to be. In my opinion you can never have enough hats or feet/hands. Worth every penny, every setting needs Fafu.

    Kierna Corr, Learning for Life

  • Generally, the rule of thumb for stretching creativity and imagination is less is more. Scraps of fabric can be all children need to create costumes and fantasy play. What I love about the products Fafu designs is that they take plain and simple up just a notch, which is just enough to spark the imagination, inspire open-ended role play and child-created stories. I also appreciate the versatility of Fafu toys. For example, one of their basics, the CONY, can be at least two types of hats, a cozy bed for a doll or animal, a telescope (yes, there’s a hole at the tip), or even traffic cones for toy cars and trucks. Like all the best toys, the possibilities are endless!

    Janet Lansbury, Elevating Child Care

  • Fafu is a brilliant new concept of dressing up clothes for children. The children get so much more out of them than the standard dressing up clothes. It enables them to be imaginative, by creating their own ways of using them. The designs are so versatile and each child uses them in a different way. They are bright, washable and are loved by staff and children alike.

    Sara Foster, Child First

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